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The Best Civil Service Academy in Trivandrum | Kerala. Gallant IAS offer IAS coaching, IPS coaching, and IFS coaching.

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The Best Civil Service Academy

Gallant IAS Academy, the best civil service academy in Trivandrum, Kerala. is the choice of the toppers. Started in 2019, we are able to continuously convert civil service aspirants into rank holders. Our Personal mentorship is the one thing that separates us from others.

Our courses are specially designed to suit the changing pattern of the UPSC Civil Service Exam. Thus, all our courses are customizable according to your needs. Moreover, our faculties are experts in their own domains. They have already gone through various stages of this exam.

In addition to our top quality classes, our students are individually monitored through their personal mentors. This mentor – mentee combo has produced numerous results. Furthermore, this will help students in tackling their difficulties. On top of that, aspirants will get a chance to study along with expert mentors and get frequent guidance from them.

This is not just an academy. It is the perfect destination for your UPSC preparation. That is why we are the best civil service academy in Trivandrum, Kerala.

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We provide both online & offline civil service coaching to our students. Our mission is to deliver top-notch UPSC coaching without disrupting your daily schedule. We firmly believe that adaptable and accessible assistance yields the finest outcomes. 

Affordable Fees

All our courses, without compromising the quality, are affordable to common man. Our vision is to make the preparation available to the common man.

Individual Mentorship

Our expert IAS mentors will help you to cover the whole syllabus within the stipulated time and according to personalized plans. They will be with you throughout your preparation process.

T-F-T Method

Our special Test-Feedback-Test method helps aspirants to rectify their issues while writing prelims and mains exams. After every test, you will sit with your mentor to identify your problems. In the next test, this will help you to rectify those problems.

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Trusted by Successful UPSC Aspirants

Google Reviews
"The Botany optional test series of Gallant IAS & Morison Sir, mentorship was very helpful in clearing the exam. Also interview guidance and support especially from Justin Sir, immensely helped me."
DeviPriya Ajith, IFoS AIR 51 CSE 2021
"History classes by Justin sir helped me immensely to get a strong hold on the subject.. He makes history interesting and lively by explaining things lucidly and precisely. Thank you sir for those informative sessions"
Anjanli Bhavan IPS AIR 463 CSE 2021

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Why Gallant IAS?

Here at Gallant IAS Academy, Quality meets Affordability. Our support system works 360 to ensure that our students get all possible mentorship until they clear the exam. We provide top quality care to our students in terms of classes, mentorship and test series for very affordable fees. We believe in our quality and that is what our students also do. Hence we can proudly say that Gallant IAS is the best IAS Academy in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Learn from the Experts

You get the chance to learn from our expert mentors and faculties who have already gone through the various stages of this exam.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

A personalized approach, customized study plans and our online courses will help you to cover the complete syllabus at a speed which is comfortable for you.

Learn by Test – Feedback –Test method

Our top class test series and personal feedback after every test will help aspirants to understand their weak points. These feedbacks from expert mentors are the stepping stone to your success.

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