Best CSAT Prelims Coaching for UPSC in Trivandrum, Kerala

UPSC CSAT for CSE 2024

CSAT Prelims Coaching for UPSC 

The first milestone in UPSC prelims coaching or the UPSC prelims exam is clearing the Civil Services Aptitude Test or the CSAT. If you consider any of India’s best IAS training institutes, they surely will offer a UPSC CSAT foundation course or an IAS CSAT Foundation course as part of their UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination coaching. Gallant IAS goes a step further and offers  the Best CSAT Prelims Coaching for UPSC in Trivandrum , Kerala and CSAT coaching in the online format as well. Yes, we are the top 2023-2024 CSAT prelims coaching Institutes in the online format and a top IAS coaching center online for UPSC coaching overall.

CSAT Prelims Coaching 2023-2024 l IAS CSAT test series 2023-2024

Civil services aptitude test coaching in Trivandrum, Kerala, India Gallant IAS is a top-rated institute offering Civil Services aptitude test training in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Even though many institutes are offering CSAT Training in Kerala, we are among the few that offer quality and affordable CSAT training both in the online and offline format. And we take our coaching very seriously, as it should be. After all, you are preparing for the Civil Services exam – the most prestigious and respected profession in the country. And the first step is the CSAT.

CSAT Prelims Coaching for UPSC l CSAT Syllabus

Since the last couple of years, the CSAT examination has increased in toughness. So being well prepared is the key to cracking it. Regularly attempting the test series is the best way to prepare for CSAT. It will keep you in touch with the syllabus, as well as make you more comfortable with the pattern of questions.

The Best CSAT Prelims Coaching for UPSC in Trivandrum ,  Kerala syllabus  includes the following broad categories on which the candidates will be evaluated.
• Comprehension
• Logical reasoning
• Analytical ability
• Communication skills and interpersonal skills
The cut-off percentage required to clear the CSAT is 33%.