Best UPSC Botany Optional Classes in Trivandrum, Kerala


UPSC Botany Optional Course for CSE 2025

As Botany is a specialized science subject, most IAS aspirants who are bioscience graduates pursue it as an optional subject. Plant Microbiology, Cryptogams, Phanerogams, Plant Resource Development, Morphogenesis, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Breeding, Biotechnology, Physiology & Biochemistry, Ecology, and Plant Geography are the important units studied in Botany. Gallant IAS teaches the Best UPSC Botany Optional Classes in Trivandrum , Kerala

It’s a fascinating subject with a lot of potential for the UPSC exam, and it can produce high scores in the examination. Students must put some effort into practicing answer writing.

Advantages of Botany Optional subject and Botany preparation for UPSC
  • Scoring Nature – Botany is considered a scoring subject as it is accurate and scientific in nature. Presenting the answers correctly and neatly will help you to fetch high grades.
  • Botany syllabus for IAS Exam – The syllabus is conceptual and well-defined.
  • Less competitive – The subject is less competitive as the students from a science background usually choose Botany as an optional in the UPSC exam.
  • Figures and diagrams – Botany is a subject in which figures and diagrams can be drawn to fetch more marks.
  • Direct Questions – In Botany, direct questions are asked and there is no need to brainstorm much.
  • Being a science subject, nothing is left to the interpretation of the examiner’s point of view.
Our  UPSC Toppers in Indian Forest Service Exam with Botany Optional

One can easily score high marks in Botany Optional. In the last year (2021), this fact is testified by our student Devipriya Ajith who secured All India Rank 51 in Indian Forest Service Exam under our guidance. And Gallant Ias provides the Best UPSC Botany Optional Classes in Trivandrum | Kerala

Courses Offered for Botany Optional subject.

  • Classroom Course – Yearly two batches are announced for Botany Optional mentored by Morison Job. The venue for these batches is Trivandrum, Kerala.
  • Interactive Online Course – At Gallant IAS, we offer UPSC Botany Optional online classes as well. The content, faculty, and subject matter are the same as in the Classroom programs.
  • You can join it in any one of the modes.

Course Duration:

The course duration for both Online & Offline courses is 1 Year from the date of enrolment (Validity can be extended without further payment).

Highlights of Botany Optional subject at Gallant IAS.

  • Classes aligned to the requirements of the UPSC Botany optional syllabus
  • Syllabus starting from the basics in a structure friendly to a fresher.
  • High-quality class notes, study material, and lecture handouts.
  • Course Extension without further payment.
  • 10 Unit wise Tests & 2 Full tests on the lines of the UPSC Main Examination.
  • Special sessions on PYQ discussion and answer writing.
  • Personal mentoring on enhancing your performance.
  • Flexible in Test Series Timings.

Gallant IAS provides the best coaching for Botany Optional UPSC. It is among the best Institutes for Botany Optional for the UPSC exam.